myboatsale.com was developed by Boat Owners for Boat Owners to help them maximize the marketing potential of the Internet and reach as many potential buyers as possible with the minimum amount of effort. Marketing your boat with a website designed and hosted by myboatsale.com can be used in different ways depending on your personal requirements and marketing goals:

  • Private sale of your boat to avoid paying any broker's fees.

  • Supplementary details to complement a sale through a traditional broker.

  • An easy to find sales brochure on the Internet which you can reference when placing adverts on other boat websites or in boating magazines.

  • A combination of any of the above - the more you advertise the more likely you are to reach a potential buyer.

We are different to the mainstream boating websites for a variety of reasons:

  • We don't promote a large generic database of thousands of boats, canoes, boat parts, old engines - we want your boat to stand out from the crowd!

  • We create a bespoke web presence for every client - your boat is advertised on its own, dedicated website, optimized for high visibility in Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo

  • We UNDERSTAND how people use the Internet to search for boats - we use that knowledge to your advantage

  • We don't offer gimmicks, just careful web design


Why use MyBoatSale.com ?
  • Sites designed by boat owners - we know what you are trying to sell
  • High Quality web design
  • Individual site for YOUR boat only
  • Custom build programme
  • Search Engine optimized
  • No banner advertising
  • Multiple pictures of your choice
  • Dedicated Technical Support team
  • High Availability, secure hosting
  • No lengthy contract tie-ins
  • Secure email contact facilities - protect your identity
  • Monthly website visitor statistics detailing how they found you, where they are located












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Fairline Targa 37

Go To www.fairlinetarga37.co.uk

Fairline Targa 35

Go to www.fairlinetarga35.com

Fairline Targa 43

Go to www.fairline-targa-43.myboatsale.com

Sealine S24

Successfully Sold